[Xcb] Thinking towards 7.6 katamari, including xcb

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 21 19:35:56 PDT 2009

Keith Packard wrote:
>> I'd suggest then we plan on the 7.6 katamari releasing in early
>> October 2010, close to one year after 7.5.
> That seems like a good schedule. One thing I'd like to see is far
> fewer packages released just before the katamari though; can you say
> what kind of issues you've seen resolved by the updated modules?

Mostly it's been getting new tarballs out with the accumulated bugfixes
and cleanups that have been sitting in git for months, along with getting
them built with current autoconf/autotools (including AM_SILENT_RULES)
so that fewer people have to autoreconf before building them.

There was also a bit of me getting tired of the docs sitting in xorg-docs
waiting for someone to convert them to a format with free, open source
widely available tools before moving out to the individual modules, and
deciding that *.txt files and groff files counted for that.   I wasn't
expecting groff to cause as many issues as it did in the tinderbox - sorry
about that - since we release xorg-docs so rarely I tried to get a bunch
out of it before this release.

I also would have liked to see them out farther before the release, but
didn't have a chance to get them done myself before now, and no one else
got to it either.

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