[PATCH:app/xinit] Use platform-specific X server names in man pages for cygwin & darwin

Jon TURNEY jon.turney at dronecode.org.uk
Mon Oct 26 06:52:23 PDT 2009

On 17/10/2009 20:15, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Jon TURNEY wrote:
>> I'm not sure why this sentence mentions the configuration file at all.
>> Currently this reads:
>> "It may be convenient to specify server options with startx to change
>> on  a per-session  basis  the default color depth, the server’s notion
>> of the number of dots-per-inch the display device presents, or take
>> advantage of a different server layout,  as  permitted  by the  Xorg(1)
>> server and specified in the xorg.conf(5) file."
>> I'm not sure how xorg.conf tells you anything useful about server
>> options you can supply via startx?
> I think it's trying to say that you can specify multiple ServerLayout sections
> in xorg.conf, and specify a startx/xinit/Xorg command line option to specify
> which one to use.   Do XWin&  XQuartz have anything similar or should that
> sentence just be reworked to better fit them?

Ah, I see.  No, there is no equivalent thing to a layout.

I can't really see how this can be reworded without losing redundancy.

So perhaps just something like:

"It may be convenient to specify server options with startx to change
them on a per-session basis."

As the following sentences gives exactly the same examples again (making more 
clear they are examples rather than a complete list) with the caution that you 
need to check which arguments are legal for the specific X server.

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