man xrandr

Éric Piel E.A.B.Piel at
Wed Oct 28 03:02:17 PDT 2009

Op 28-10-09 09:52, Bernard Siaud alias Troumad schreef:
> Hello
> I try to translate "man xrandr" in french.
> I have a problem : I think that the english version is false !
> Can somebody try the option "--transform" ?
> I think that the point (x y) of the real screnn give the point
> ((a b)(x)-(c))/(((g h)(x)+1).i)
> ((c d)(y) (f))        (y)
> of the virtual screen.

I'm the one who wrote this part of the man-page. Just wrote it out of
guessing, so it can easily be wrong. However, Mandriva Cooker mailing
list is not the right place, so I'm forwarding the question to xorg-devel.

Anybody knows the actual formula of the transform function? Or is it
already specified in some protocol documentation?


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