Hello ( man xrandr)

Bernard Siaud alias Troumad liste at siaud.org
Wed Oct 28 09:20:45 PDT 2009


I come hear just for speak about 'man xrandr'.
I don't speak good english (google translate is a friend for me...). So,
for understand some help in english, I translate the help.

Now I try to translate 'man xrandr' in French. I'm loocking for all
understand this help. I try xrandr with his option. And I think that's
the man about xrandr is not good !
I think that the point (x y) of the real screnn give the point
((a b)(x)-(c))/(((g h)(x)+1).i)
((c d)(y) (f))        (y)
of the virtual screen.

nb : I have say this in cooker at mandriva.org and Éric Piel as say me
that's he has forwarding the question to xorg-devel. I come too !
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