[PATCH] dix: append "built-ins" to the font path in SetDefaultFontPath

Rémi Cardona remi at gentoo.org
Tue Sep 8 04:49:09 PDT 2009

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the review.

Le 08/09/2009 13:16, Jon TURNEY a écrit :
> I slightly dislike this part. It could at least do with a better
> comment, mentioning that it's checking for the element 'built-ins'
> somewhere in the font-path (not as part of a filename or hostname etc.)

I merely copied over the hw/xfree86/ code into dix/ and adapted it to 
its new location.

> But it looks to me like the code will do the wrong thing in
> (pathological) cases like "/usr/share/fonts/built-ins,built-ins" and
> append "built-ins" anyhow
> I'm not sure if FPEs don't get uniquified later on anyhow, or if it is
> benign to duplicate FPEs, if so this complexity isn't needed and we
> could just add "built-ins" at the end and be done with it...

There's indeed xf86ValidateFontPath which does a lot of checking and 
removes dead/broken entries from the font path.

It could also be moved to dix/ but I'm not sure that's worth the hassle. 
After all, all other DDXs have lived without this function for years.

If anyone with more experience with libXfont and FPEs could chime in, 
I'll gladly rework my patch, but I'd rather avoid touching this code 
more than I _really_ have to.



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