xf86-video-chips: pci access byte swapped under powerpc

Donald Kayser xorg at kayser.net
Fri Sep 18 08:26:37 PDT 2009

Thanks Tiago. I know that we are running an older server;  it is  
currently the one that is released by debian. This is an embedded  
device, this is certainly its last upgrade, and until debian drops a  
release with a new version of the server, I am going to stay on the  
1.4.x version.

I know that a libpciaccess port has been written for this source, and  
I thought about backporting, but I do not want to get into the  
situation where I am building the xserver if I can help it.  I greatly  
prefer using a distribution like debian for most items, then only  
change what I have to.  Our next project will probably move to ubuntu  
which seems to be kept updated with X more often than debian.

Thanks again.


On Sep 18, 2009, at 10:07 AM, Tiago Vignatti wrote:

> On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 04:09:14PM +0200, ext Donald Kayser wrote:
>> I have not looked into what wfb is yet, but from the comments from
>> Michel, it would seem to support my notion that I don't want to do
>> this in software. I personally think it would be too much overhead on
>> software to accomplish every swap as data is written to the frame
>> buffer.
>> I don't know what EXA is yet, so I will take some time today and  
>> study
>> that section of X and see if those hooks work.
>> I have found a way to make this work, but I am not sure of the
>> solution.  I found that I could use the function xf86SetAccessFuncs()
>> to pass in  my own EnableAccess and DisableAccess functions. My  new
>> functions do nothing to pci config, and all is working at the moment.
>> I will look into EXA.
> You're running an old version of the server. Currently  
> xf86EnableAccess is
> just a dummy function and initPciState doesn't exist anymore.
> We're trying to move out from the server this hardware access  
> functions and
> you should probably go for that other ideas that the guys replied  
> before.
> Otherwise you could take at libpciaccess and port to your architecture
> requirements.
> Cheers,
>            Tiago

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