[PATCH] configure: fix REQUIRED_MODULES, it was not being set at all

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 18 11:16:22 PDT 2009

Dan Nicholson wrote:
>> -REQUIRED_MODULES="randrproto >= "    \
>> -                 "renderproto >= 0.11 "       \
>> -                 "damageproto >= 1.1 "        \
> I don't see why the original was a problem, but can you leave the line
> continuation markers in there? Having variables with newlines in them
> is not fun.

Adjacent strings concatenate in C, but every shell I'm aware of treats
them as separate words, so that would set REQUIRED_MODULES to the first
quoted string, use the second quoted string as the command to run, and
the rest of the quoted strings as arguments to that command.

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