wheel emulation broken in recent evdev

Andy Neitzke neitzke at physics.harvard.edu
Sat Sep 19 13:28:55 PDT 2009


On my system (Thinkpad X60t, Gentoo amd64) wheel emulation was broken by 
commit f4ba2bd785b25fd522967abd7775925d5fded70f ("Allow 0 as wheel emulation 
button for unconditional scrolling (#20529)").

A little experimenting here suggests the problem is that this commit 
incidentally replaced

int ms;
ms = pEvdev->emulateWheel.expires - GetTimeInMillis();
if (ms > 0)


if (pEvdev->emulateWheel.expires - GetTimeInMillis() > 0)

I don't know why the two aren't equivalent -- something to do with signed 
versus unsigned integers?



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