[PATCH 0/2] EXA mixed pixmaps changes

Maarten Maathuis madman2003 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 11:42:31 PDT 2009

2009/9/22 Michel Dänzer <michel at daenzer.net>:
> These are two patches for the EXA mixed pixmaps scheme which will first be
> released in xserver 1.7.
> The first patch has been working for my day-to-day desktop for more than a
> week, I've also tested that it doesn't seem to regress the other EXA pixmap
> management schemes ('classic' and 'driver'). Given that and its benefits[0],
> I'm going to nominate it for the 1.7 branch as soon as it lands on master. It
> would be ideal if it could make the 1.7 release, so all drivers using the mixed
> pixmaps scheme can rely on its extended functionality. But better later than
> never. :)
> The second patch is an optimization which is fresher and less tested, so I'll
> give it some more soak time before nominating it for the 1.7 branch.
> [0] In addition to the examples in the commit message, I can e.g. also imagine
>    it being useful for nouveau on newer GPUs which always use tiling.
> [PATCH 1/2] EXA: Extend mixed pixmaps scheme to allow driver PrepareAccess hook to fail.
> [PATCH 2/2] EXA: Try to minimize UploadToScreen calls for mixed pixmaps.
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If possible avoid cluttering up exa.c with large chunks of
implementation specific code.


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