[PATCH] Add XF86TouchpadToggle to XKeysymDB

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 25 21:46:27 PDT 2009

James Cloos wrote:
> Some time back the suggestion was made that we (Xorg) shouldn't be
> adding to the XF86 symbols, but rather should be adding symbols in
> our own range.  (It may have been long enough ago to predate this
> list; one might also need to check the xorg@ archives if one were
> to try to find it.)

It's written into the comments of proto/x11proto/XF86keysym.h:

 * X.Org will not be adding to the XF86 set of keysyms, though they have
 * been adopted and are considered a "standard" part of X keysym definitions.
 * XFree86 never properly commented these keysyms, so we have done our
 * best to explain the semantic meaning of these keys.

The comments in proto/x11proto/keysymdef.h have instructions for how
to add new keysyms.

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