Proposal: 1.8 release and development process changes

Jim Gettys jg at
Sun Sep 27 22:08:12 PDT 2009

Keith Packard wrote:
> Excerpts from Dave Airlie's message of Sun Sep 27 15:37:14 -0700 2009:
>> make a 1.6-nominate branch, let everyone cherrypick onto it, the 1.6
>> maintainers reviews this branch, picks what they want off it and
>> *reverts* with explanations the ones they don't.
> Yeah, that seems pretty nifty. One issue is that non-committers can't
> nominate patches as easily. I don't have a good suggestion here other
> than adding those to either the wiki or bugzilla. I found the wiki
> easier to deal with than bugzilla, although I should have made a spot
> to put comments about patches which were not included.

There are two other recent web tools worth looking at to handle merges 
and avoids the "second class citizen" effect:

	o github is one (but is a commercial tool free to free software). 
	o gitorious, which is free software. (

The sugarlabs project set up an instance of gitorious of their own; 
installation is supposed to be somewhat painful (but possible).  I've no 
first hand experience with either, though I gather they are very 
helpful.  Others on the list may have first hand experience.
			- Jim

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