fix for xf86-video-vesa with xserver 1.7

Michael Cree mcree at
Tue Sep 29 02:20:15 PDT 2009

Matthieu Herrb pronounced:
> I need those 2 fixes to run the vesa driver with xserver 1.7. ok?
> commit 9829de7a1b2a9734d20a239d3ed84a73ddaf70f1
> Author: Matthieu Herrb <matthieu.herrb at>
> Date:   Mon Sep 28 23:00:27 2009 +0200
>     fix vesa for xserver 1.7 branch.
>     - convert slowbcopy_frombus() to xf86SlowBcopy().
>     - add missing shadowRemove() in VESACloseScreen().

Using xf86SlowBCopy() directly will break the Vesa driver on the Alpha
architecture, well..., at least on those older Alphas that have a sparse
I/O memory map model.

I see the compiler.h, etc.,  commit that broke the Vesa driver has been
reverted, at least on the 1.7 branch, so I presume the conversion of
slowbcopy_frombus() to xf86SlowBCopy() shouldn't be necessary anymore.

My preference (which probably carries no weight since my prior
contribution to the Xorg project is almost zilch) would be the patch
that I just mailed to the list under the subject "[patch] alpha: Fix
SlowBCopy ..." which, I think, should fix the slowbcopy_frombus() call
on the Alpha architecture.


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