xf86-input-wacom now available

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Tue Sep 29 16:13:22 PDT 2009

Good news everyone! 

It is with great pleasure that I can announce a new driver in our happy
family: xf86-input-wacom.

xf86-input-wacom is a fork of the linuxwacom driver and the credit goes to 
Ping Cheng for forking it, cleaning out pre-server-1.6 cruft and adding the
initial device property support.
We've now removed the (more or less) unrelated kernel driver from the
repository and are in the middle of a property code cleanup.

Right now, the driver sits in my people repository on:

The current 0.9.1 is stable but the driver is quite active in development,
the property-rework branch is currently the most active one. Our bugzilla
interface already has a Input/wacom field, so feel free to test the driver,
report bugs, and send us patches and/or beverage.

In the near future, this driver will wander into a proper directory and join
the illustrous circle of mouse, keyboard, evdev and synaptics. This brings
all major input drivers under one roof, making it a lot easier to sync the
driver with future server API changes and - possibly - share some code
between the drivers.
Note that xf86-input-wacom is licenced under the GPL and thus will not be
part of the katamari release.

For the time being, we will sync linuxwacom and xf86-input-wacom, as there
is a large number of users over at sourceforge. Future development will be
focusing mostly on xf86-input-wacom.

So here's to Ping and getting the last of the big 4 input drivers under our


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