Summer of code: accepted students

Stephane Marchesin stephane.marchesin at
Mon Apr 26 19:45:54 PDT 2010

Hi all,

Summer of code results have been officially announced. X.Org got 5
projects accepted, congratulations to our 5 students and thanks to all
the mentors involved in proposal ranking, your help was very welcome.
Here's the sweet list of accepted projects for this year:

Christoph Reimann - Improve input support for XCB
Igor Trindade Oliveira - Cairo State Tracker
Lucas Ferreira - Use upstream pieces to make a fully plug-and-play USB
multiseat solution
Matt Turner - KMS for Permedia3/4 as a method for Documenting the KMS
driver writing process
Thomas Stellard - Improve the GLSL Compiler Backend for the R300 Driver

You'll find more info over there:

Now is supposed to be the "community bonding period", i.e. we expect
students to start discussing the projects with their mentors if they
haven't already. One good way of doing so involves hanging in irc
channels for X.Org/Mesa (#dri-devel and #xorg-devel on

So let's get to work! I definitely look forward to amazing X.Org
progress over the summer :)


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