help lease all.. :( driver StarBoard Hitachi

master stvixfree at
Mon Feb 1 09:15:58 PST 2010

Help with driver Star Board Hitachi.
schools are adopting Linux (Debian) ... in each class is an interactive
white board (a sort of big tachpad) .. with software in Linux a big
problem .. found on the Internet:
 : \
 program itself works, but her driver was written under the old kernel
.. Together with enthusiasts got a normal compile and download the
driver kernel version 2.6.26-2 ...
but xorg does not want to work with him ..
module loaded but xorg to fall if his mount as tachpad ..
used the recommendations from the driver ..
made with and without the option ..
My config:
log file when dumped xorg:
log file when the option is off and running xorg, but not working board:
latest version of the driver:
Please can someone help with this problem?

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