[PULL] XACE and SELinux updates for master

Eamon Walsh ewalsh at tycho.nsa.gov
Wed Feb 3 13:39:26 PST 2010

On 01/24/2010 03:20 PM, Keith Packard wrote:
> On 01/06/2010 02:00 PM, Eamon Walsh wrote:
>>       xselinux: Allow SetWindowCreateContext to be used for pixmaps as well.
> This is a fairly significant change in extension semantics, and as such
> needs to be reflected throughout the stack, including an update to the
> extension minor version so that applications can tell whether this
> semantic is present in the X server.
> We've got several ways of doing this:
>  1) Create a new protocol request with the new semantics.
>     Bonus credit for reporting an error if an old client
>     uses the new request.
>  2) Detect the client version and change semantic for new clients.
>  3) Changing the semantic of the existing request.
> For the last two, we'll want to change the name of the request, library
> interface and server internal bits and then provide aliases for old
> libraries and clients.

Hi Keith,

I chose option (3) and renamed the requests.  The SELinux extension
doesn't have a traditional Xlib client side that needs to be changed,
only XCB support.  I have an XCB patch ready to alias the old names.

Please pull these updates into master.


The following changes are available in the git repository at:

    git://anongit.freedesktop.org/~ewalsh/xserver master

Eamon Walsh (8):
      xselinux: Allow SetWindowCreateContext to be used for pixmaps as well.
      libselinux now has a pkgconfig file.  Use it.
      Revert "Remove some debug messages that trigger on XACE event delivery failure."
      Don't print a failure message when XACE denies an input event delivery.
      xselinux: Remove reference counting calls for SID objects.
      xselinux: Allow GetWindowContext to be used for pixmaps as well.
      xselinux: Rename window-related requests that now support pixmaps.
      xselinux: Bump extension minor version.

 Xext/xselinux.h         |    8 ++--
 Xext/xselinux_ext.c     |   41 +++++++++++++++-----------
 Xext/xselinux_hooks.c   |   73 ++++++++---------------------------------------
 Xext/xselinux_label.c   |   23 +++++---------
 configure.ac            |   11 ++-----
 dix/events.c            |   62 ++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 include/dix-config.h.in |    2 -
 7 files changed, 84 insertions(+), 136 deletions(-)

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