[PATCH v2] xrandr: display gamma and brightness

Éric Piel E.A.B.Piel at tudelft.nl
Sat Feb 6 02:18:21 PST 2010

Op 05-02-10 19:30, Matthias Hopf schreef:
> On Jan 18, 10 12:56:50 -0800, Yang Zhao wrote:
>> These changes weren't part of the original patch, and seems to subtly
>> change the semantics of setting the gamma correction curve.  Included
>> by accident?
>> Otherwise, including what Matthias has already pointed out,
>> Reviewed-By: Yang Zhao <yang at yangman.ca>
> Any updates on that one?
> No need to rush, I'd just like to not have this forgotten... Also not
> from my side :-]
No, no, I haven't forgotten... but I had no time to rework the patch
yet. Hopefully the coming week I'll find the time :-)


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