[PATCH] kdrive: Remove Xfbdev.

Mikhail Gusarov dottedmag at dottedmag.net
Mon Feb 8 13:12:00 PST 2010

Twas brillig at 16:07:17 08.02.2010 UTC-05 when ajax at nwnk.net did gyre and gimble:

 >>  AJ> Use Xorg with the fbdev driver.
 >> Nack. Xfree86 DDX is still too heavy to be used in embedded stuff where
 >> Xfbdev is used. Let's chop some unneeded bits from Xfree86 first.

 AJ> [citation needed]

  787   664 root     S <  13628  5.5  0.0 /usr/bin/Xorg -logfile /tmp/Xorg.0.log -logverbose 1 -nolist

13 megs, compared to 1.4 of Xfbdev.

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