[PATCH 0/7] InputClass configuration additions - Ignore and tagging

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Tue Feb 9 21:36:43 PST 2010

This patchset contains a number of fixes for the new input configuration interface and 
three new features:
- the option to ignore certain devices.
- the option to match against multiple values
- the option to match devices against arbitrary tags

The patch to ignore devices was sent to the list already, it simply allows
to blacklist devices if Option "Ignore" "on" is given in the InputClass

Matching against multiple values allows to have a single configuration
section that may apply to multiple devices. One example for this is a
section containing
        MatchProduct "Crazy Mouse|Silly Mouse"
Which would match against a product string containing either "Crazy Mouse"
or "Silly Mouse".

Tags can now be applied by the config backend to label devices that may need
special configuration options. The InputClass sections can match against one
or more of these tags and apply configuration as needed.
Given a udev rule of ENV{ID_INPUT.tags}="silly,crazy,ohdear", the following
match rule could be used apply a specialized config
        MatchProduct "crazy|silly"
It would match both tags "silly" and "crazy" and thus apply to any device
with either of the tags applied.


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