How to start MPX on xoo device

Amey amey1288 at
Tue Feb 9 22:54:33 PST 2010

Hello all,
              I have installed *xoo* application on my machine which is
having MPX configured on it. I want to use this MPX on xoo display instead
of my original X server.So I checked the preferences in xoo and found
following two components

1) display
2) X server path  (which was initially set to /usr/bin/Xephyr )

So what path should I use so that I will be able to start my MPX which is in
*/opt/mpx/bin/Xorg* or *Xnest* (I don't have *Xephyr* in this path) and
which display should I use if I am running my new X server on display 0 ?

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