problem using xorg-server- with Mesa-master (7.8 git 2010-02-13)

Stephan Raue mailinglists at
Sat Feb 13 16:24:58 PST 2010

Hi all,

not know if this is the right place for my problem.

i have upgraded from:
xorg-server master git from 2010-01-08 to
Mesa-master git from 2010-01-08 to git from 2010-02-13

i use libX11-1.3.3, xf86-video-intel master (git from 2010-02-13), 
libdrm master (git from 2010-02-11)

when i am start my application (XBMC Mediacenter) it stops after 
Splashscreen (glxgears works). What is wrong)



GDB output:

Thread 1 (process 156):
#0  0xb77a7424 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
#1  0xb616ce7b in poll () from /lib/
#2  0xb65a6a1b in _XWaitForReadable (dpy=0x9c0a3f0) at XlibInt.c:501
#3  0xb65a6ea7 in _XRead (dpy=0x9c0a3f0, data=0xbfae9b7c 
"\030\376\265\255\367\360\274\373\t(e,\330!,\310\203\064\n\r", size=32) 
at XlibInt.c:1124
#4  0xb65a7977 in _XReply (dpy=0x9c0a3f0, rep=0xbfae9b7c, extra=0, 
discard=0) at XlibInt.c:1748
#5  0xb6f6314f in DRI2GetBuffersWithFormat (dpy=0x9c0a3f0, 
drawable=2097167, width=0xa2bf8e4, height=0xa2bf8e8, 
attachments=0xbfae9c9c, count=2,
     outCount=0xbfae9cc8) at dri2.c:403
#6  0xb6f60d93 in dri2GetBuffersWithFormat (driDrawable=0xa2bf8c0, 
width=0xa2bf8e4, height=0xa2bf8e8, attachments=0xbfae9c9c, count=2, 
     loaderPrivate=0xa2bf820) at dri2_glx.c:429
#7  0xb5caa9b6 in intel_update_renderbuffers (context=0x9f70470, 
drawable=0xa2bf8c0) at intel_context.c:239
#8  0xb5cb78f3 in intelDRI2FlushInvalidate (drawable=0xa2bf8c0) at 
#9  0xb6f61700 in dri2SwapBuffers (pdraw=0xa2bf820, target_msc=0, 
divisor=0, remainder=0) at dri2_glx.c:391
#10 0xb6f37f3c in glXSwapBuffers (dpy=0x9c0a3f0, drawable=2097167) at 
#11 0x085ebce6 in CWinSystemX11GL::PresentRenderImpl() ()
#12 0x085e4117 in CRenderSystemGL::PresentRender() ()
#13 0x08293b8f in CSplash::Show() ()
#14 0x08323266 in CApplication::Create() ()
#15 0x0857e8dd in main ()
A debugging session is active.

     Inferior 1 [process 156] will be detached.

               ### ###
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