X Test Suite Redux

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 06:07:14 PST 2010

A while back Peter asked me about helping him add autotools support
after he pulled xtest out of cvs into git. We got that handled pretty
quickly, but I decided to spend some time making it actually easy to
use. So, I give you the revamped XTS:


I'm not sure the test results are actually useful right now, but it
would be nice to start running the tests again and tracking the
status. Let me know what you think. There are still a couple rough
edges here and there. Below is the README that I wrote yesterday.


This is a revamped version of X Test Suite (XTS) which removes some of
the ugliness of building and running the tests. The build and install
are now straightforward:

        $ ./configure
        $ make
        $ make install

Required libraries: libX11, libXext, libXi, libXtst
Required utilities: xdpyinfo, xset, perl, bdftopcf, mkfontdir

The tests can be run from the source tree with "make check" or from the
installed package. A wrapper script, xts-run, is the easiest way to run
the installed tests.

        $ xts-run # run all the tests
        $ xts-run XI # run just the XI test scenario

The test output will go to a dated directory in the current directory by
default. This can be changed with the xts-run -o parameter. The output
contains the full journal of all test output plus individual logs for
each test program. Journal files from completed runs can be analyzed by
the xts-report tool (formerly vswrpt):

        $ xts-report -f /xts/output/dir/journal

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