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Texas Instruments (TI) is working on the design for the video capture and display drivers for our next generation system-on-chip (SoC) processor and would like to solicit your feedback.  Our new SoCs have been improved to allow for higher video resolutions and greater frame rates.  To this end the display hardware has been moved to a separate processing block called the video processing subsystem (VPSS).  The VPSS will be running a firmware image that controls the capture/display hardware and services requests from one or more host processors.

Moving to a remote processor for the processing of video input and output data requires that commands to control the hardware be passed to this processing block using some form of inter-processor communication (IPC).  The functionality of the VPSS system will be available both from the Linux kernel, using standard driver interfaces such as FBDev and V4L2, as well as from user space using a library that TI would provide.  The user space library is provided to allow users to write user space drivers for graphics and video that fit into their software frameworks.  TI would like to solicit your feedback on our proposal for the driver design and library to get a feel for whether or not this design would meet the needs of the X11 community.  To this end we have put together an overview of the design and usage on our wiki at  We would greatly appreciate feedback from community members on the acceptability of our design.

If possible please copy the vpss_driver_design at mailing list on your replies.  Thank you in advance for your inputs.

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