sync glapi with mesa

Ian Romanick idr at
Wed Feb 24 14:08:13 PST 2010

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George Sapountzis wrote:
> I put 4 patches at that
> sync xorg HEAD with glapi from mesa HEAD.

Thanks for tackling this.  It has been on my to-do list for a long time.
 I'll try to review these patches in the next day or so.

> I know that the xorg development process has changed and xorg head may
> not track mesa head. So, if you tell me when it's appropriate to sync
> glapi, I'll forward-port and re-submit. Having said that, the patches
> have received limited testing with xephyr, so please review and test.

My current plan is to have a separate glx tree that will be used as a
staging area for GLX related changes.  We don't get GLX changes very
often, but changes that do occur tend to be large.  As changes
stabilize, I'll send pull requests to keithp.
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