[PATCH evdev] Added Sensitivity option

Simon Thum simon.thum at gmx.de
Sun Jan 3 04:30:09 PST 2010

Hans Nieser wrote:
> To me 'sensitivity' ('device sensitivity'?) would make most sense but
> it's already been used in other places and I guess that might make it
> confusing. (For example Gnome's mouse settings dialog already has a
> 'sensitivity' setting and it doesn't do anything like constant
> deceleration).
Well, the whole business is loaded with ad-hoc terms. I guess they mean
'threshold', which should better be called 'acceleration threshold'. My
problems with 'sensitivity' are
1) to me it's something purely physical, as in 'sensor sensitivity'
2) Since Xi2 reports subpixels, it really doesn't change sensitivity in
any sense except the 'on screen vs. device motion' sense
3) increasing it gets you less 'sensitivity'

> Personally I find 'device downscaling' to sound reasonable, or at least
> a bit more illuminating than the current name
IMO, that's the most accurate term.



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