[PATCH] xrandr: Remove --clone / --extend support code

Matthias Hopf mhopf at suse.de
Mon Jan 4 09:56:01 PST 2010

On Nov 17, 09 15:39:02 +0100, Yann Droneaud wrote:
> Code handling --clone and --extend is not unused.
> The usage message regarding those options was already commented out.

That is... interesting. Thanks for finding this.
Question is just whether removing the code won't have side effects - the
user API changes as --clone and --extend are no longer accepted. If some
3rd party utility relies on that it might break.

OTOH I doubt that the current code (by setting setit_1_2) does anything
*reasonable* - so IMHO this could be nuked.

Opinions, if any after this long time?

Acked-by: Matthias Hopf <mhopf at suse.de>


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