xorg.conf.d - InputClass feature request

Bernie Thompson bernie at plugable.com
Mon Jan 4 18:01:23 PST 2010

Here's another scenario where simple (single, boolean) matches might
be too limiting, but the string match might be good.

For multiseat setups, the big challenge is knowing which cluster of
local devices constitute a "terminal".  (it might be a PCI graphics
card with USB keyboard/mouse; or an all USB terminal, etc.) The hope
is to have udev (or equivalent) do something like assign a common
string identifier (say, ENV{ID_INPUT.xorg.SeatID="Seat-sldkejb23") to
the terminal's keyboard, mouse -- and then a matching SeatID to
identify display, audio, any other devices which constitute the
terminal.  udev could call consolekit to launch X with a (perhaps
generated) configuration for each separate terminal -- but then it
helps to have the x.conf matches be flexible, to handle things like
later hotplug of input devices with that SeatID, and have it get
matched against the correct X instance.

Here's some background on how this used to be configured:

Perhaps there's a clean way to describe this with static conf files or
boolean matches only, but I'm thinking it's an argument for the string
matches with simple wildcards, to match the SeatIDs.

But much of this hasn't been thought through. Any other
thoughts/comments on this scenario are very welcome.  As far as I
know, we haven't had anyone get USB multiseat running under the new x
config regime yet, but hope to soon, to flesh out any potential gaps
like this.

Thanks for everyone's work on this - the flexibility and simplicity of
this will enable good new things.

Best wishes,

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