Problem with default B&W stipple background, assumes W=0 & B=1 in 8-bit mode?

Timothy Normand Miller theosib at
Fri Jan 8 14:25:25 PST 2010

This is on the RHEL5 server again.  Don't know if applies to more recent stuff.

I'm having a strange problem in 8-bit mode with the default stipple
root window.  This background is actually a tile, and in 8-bit mode, 1
is normally white, and 0 is normally black.  I have a visual where
this is not the case.  Color cell zero is actually a transparent pixel
value that the hardware uses to expose an underlay.  However, when we
run "xsetroot" with no parameters to get that background to appear,
instead of getting B&W, we get white and transparent.

Client apps don't seem to have this problem.  When they ask for the
visual's white, they get 1, and for black, they get 2.  This is just a
problem with the root default.  Is there something we could be doing
wrong?  Or is this a bug in X?

If it's a bug in X, then we don't care.  No one sees this anymore, and
this is a weird video mode anyhow.  But if it's not an X bug, then
we'd like to know so we can figure out where we're going wrong and
what other bugs may arise.


Timothy Normand Miller
Open Graphics Project

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