pkg-config files list protos when not required

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at
Sat Jan 9 13:42:25 PST 2010

Why do the pkg-config files still report that the protos are dependencies of the Xlib libraries?  Shouldn't that have been removed with the big proto/Xlib cleanup prior to the last Katamari?  Was this just overlooked or intentional?  I don't see any reason why a userland application building against libX11 should require xproto.

/opt/local/lib/pkgconfig  $ grep 'Requires.*proto' x*.pc
x11.pc:Requires: xproto kbproto
xau.pc:Requires: xproto
xaw6.pc:Requires: xproto xt xmu
xaw7.pc:Requires: xproto xt xmu
xcomposite.pc:Requires: xproto compositeproto >= 0.4 xfixes
xcursor.pc:Requires: xproto
xdamage.pc:Requires: xproto damageproto >= 1.1 xfixes
xdmcp.pc:Requires: xproto
xevie.pc:Requires: xproto
xext.pc:Requires: xextproto
xfixes.pc:Requires: xproto fixesproto >= 4.0
xfont.pc:Requires: xproto fontsproto
xfontcache.pc:Requires: fontcacheproto
xft.pc:Requires: xproto, xrender, fontconfig, freetype2
xi.pc:Requires: inputproto
xinerama.pc:Requires: xineramaproto
xkbfile.pc:Requires: kbproto
xkbui.pc:Requires: x11 kbproto
xmu.pc:Requires: xproto x11 xt
xmuu.pc:Requires: xproto x11
xp.pc:Requires: printproto
xrandr.pc:Requires: xproto randrproto >= 1.3
xrender.pc:Requires: xproto renderproto >= 0.9 x11
xres.pc:Requires: xproto
xscrnsaver.pc:Requires: scrnsaverproto
xt.pc:Requires: xproto x11 sm
xtrap.pc:Requires: trapproto
xtst.pc:Requires: recordproto
xv.pc:Requires: xproto videoproto
xvmc.pc:Requires: xproto videoproto xv
xxf86dga.pc:Requires: xf86dgaproto
xxf86misc.pc:Requires: xf86miscproto
xxf86vm.pc:Requires: xf86vidmodeproto

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