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Mon Jan 18 03:27:23 PST 2010

patched version of input-evdev as they are giving quite the same
events than multitouch screens.

Finally, I was wondering what is your position concerning the use of
XI-properties to notify the client of the starting/ending of touch
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Property events are neither designed nor particularly well suited for this.
Their data delivery is partially out-of-band with the input events and
frequent property changes reduce the load on both the server and the client
significantly. As with the multitouch data, this should ideally be included
in a new type of event.

As I send in the previous mail I send, maybe we should use valuators to
send such events ?<br>
One last question I forgot to ask:<br>
Do we need to dynamically change the number of touch that can be
detected ?<br>
I.e. do we need to have only 10 touches (as in Windows I think) or do
we let the choice to the user (the toolkit) if the device can handle
more ?<br>


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