[PATCH app-xfs 2/3] doc: remove pdf target for developer's doc

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Thu Jan 21 14:27:48 PST 2010

Michael Cree wrote:
> 2) When xfs is finally gone

Note that while your distro may no longer package it, that's a distro
decision.   X.Org has no plans to destroy the xfs source code or
delete the source tarballs from our servers - we may not encourage it,
and no one is interested enough in it to do active development, but
enough OS'es & distros still ship it that bug fixes occasionally happen
and new maintainence releases roll out.

Besides, it's open source - even if we nuked every copy from every
X.Org & FreeDesktop.Org server you could always take the last release
tarball and set up a new project on sourceforge, google code, github,
etc and carry on - though as long as there's enough interest to do that,
the X.Org Foundation will probably continue to host it on our servers.

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