Premultiplied alpha handle for driver

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Thu Jun 3 02:02:03 PDT 2010


	I have fix the OVER opearion on geode.
	For current bug, explain my solve method. I use two steps to finish the OVER rendering, the first step is to do the SRC*(alpha of MASK),the result is SRC'
that is to say:
 SRC'r = SRCr * alpha of MASK
 SRC'g = SRCg * alpha of MASK
 SRC'b = SRCb * alpha of MASK
 SRC'a = SRCa * alpha of MASK
I put the result to a off-screen FB regeion.The next step is to do SRC' + (1- SRC'a)DEST, because the screen is RGB565, so omit the SRC''a. that is to say:
SRC''r = SRC'r + (1- SRC'a)DEST
SRC''g = SRC'g + (1- SRC'a)DEST
SRC''b = SRC'b + (1- SRC'a)DEST

Taks an example:
SRC = ARGB(0x949c4e27) MASK = A8(0x75) 
So SRC' = ARGB(0x43472311)
Then SRC'' = RGB565...

The bug before is that the driver does a a*A+ (1-a)*B for OVER opearation. It is absolutely wrong. The real OVER operation should be A+(1-a)*B.

Attach three pictures for comparison. Still I will correct other bugs on rendering.

Geodepro_old.PNG is the old driver result for progressbar.
Geodepro.PNG is the new driver result for progressbar.
X1200pro.png is the ATI X1200 result for progressbar.


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On Tue, 2010-06-01 at 19:26 +0300, Siarhei Siamashka wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 June 2010, Jonathan Morton wrote:
> > On Mon, 2010-05-31 at 10:42 +0800, Huang, FrankR wrote:
> > > We know the premultiplied alpha will be used sometimes in blend. Is
> > > that used in the graphics driver?
> >
> > XRender always expects premultiplied alpha in images.  Your previous
> > example, with ARGB values of (100,255,0,0) is therefore an invalid pixel
> > vector, since the R channel is greater than the A channel.
> This is not necessarily invalid. It's more like "additive blending" feature
> which is even used by some people:

Well, that's a corner case, but I was trying to get a conceptual point

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