More static analysis of the X code

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Fri Jun 4 17:56:00 PDT 2010

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Since our labs team just released (internally only unfortunately) a
> new version of the parfait source code analyzer, I tried running it
> on my current clone of git master to see if it would find it - it
> doesn't appear to have caught that, but did find some other issues
> people may want to sort through:
> Since I ran it on OpenSolaris x86, it only checks code for that
> platform - I could try running in my Fedora VirtualBox if there's
> interest in seeing Linux platform differences.

I've run it across all the modules I build regularly from git now and
posted the results to

libXt is apparently so shockingly bad at checking for XtMalloc failures
that it's a huge portion of the issues found.

parfait is still a lab project under development, so it's known to miss
some errors, and give false positives for others, but hopefully there's
a few useful ones in there.

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