Closing the xserver 1.9 merge window

Keith Packard keithp at
Mon Jun 7 09:59:51 PDT 2010

Ok, so I was supposed to do this last Friday, but I wanted to get 'a few
more patches' merged in before closing things down. And, some of those
patches were more of an adventure in merging than others. I'm hoping the
devPrivates adventure will be resolved this week; as expected, many bugs
were found after that code landed and I'm grateful to those of you who
helped find and fix them quickly.

At this point, I know of issues with the intel driver and compiz, but I
believe those to be related to recent intel driver changes and not the X
server changes. Here's a branch that has the devPrivate fixes but
without a lot of recent driver changes:

git:// fix-private-usage

There are also patches outstanding for the quartz driver that should be
merged shortly.

Are there other pain points I'm unaware of? Let's get them sorted out so
the server goes back to being useful again.

In any case, I've got one more thing I need to get merge for 1.9 and
that's the per-CRTC pixmap changes. They're pretty small, and nicely
isolated from the drivers, so I'm not too concerned about breaking
things with them, especially if you don't use them. The back-end pieces
of that work are available at

git:// randr-1.4

There are a few protocol bits to be finished up, but I think it's in
pretty good shape. I've got patches to the intel driver to support this,
also on the randr-1.4 branch in the xf86-video-intel repo listed above.

Beyond that, I'd like for people to consider the tree closed to
large-scale changes as we prepare for the 1.9 release. There are a
couple of additional cleanup patch sequences floating around and I think
we should plan on leaving those for 1.10 unless they fix actual bugs.

I'll be doing RC1 today, so if you've got stuff that fixes recent
regressions, please send them along and get them reviewed so I can
integrate them. I'll try to do another RC every week.

As always, please send comments or suggestions and we'll figure out how
to adapt to make this work for everyone.

keith.packard at
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