performance of pci_device_get_{vendor, device}_name() in X server startup

James Cloos cloos at
Wed Jun 9 07:12:04 PDT 2010

>>>>> "JC" == James Cloos <cloos at> writes:
>>>>> "MG" == Mikhail Gusarov <dottedmag at> writes:

MG> Oh, that's _the_ right question. Looks like only for writing names to
MG> log (unless I missed some access to the data structure while
MG> grepping). Well, not really useful to trade for 400ms of startup :)

JC> That info should remain available for desktop/workstation type usages.

That all said, if the drivers all have better info anyway, then I do
agree that the server obivously does not need to also query pci.ids.  

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