why not allow another process access to share memory of xvfb?

xin zhang xing5820 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 00:10:52 PDT 2010

Hi experts:
    In Xvfb implementation, the frame buffer is allocated with IPC_PRIVATE
if uses SHM.
    Given that IPC_PRIVATE is just useful to parent/child process, and given
X is a single process,
    I don't realize what is the use.
    Why not add a param which allows user pass a string to produce IPC key,
and create share memory
    with the key, then other process will really access to the frame buffer.
    I think this will benefit many softwares, e.g. VNC, there is no need to
write an individual X server, just
    do an extension hooks on Xvfb is OK.

    Does anyone know the reason? is it for security? thank you.

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