supported gcc versions (was [PATCH:libXmu] Use _X_ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF from Xfuncproto.h in Xmu headers)

Matthieu Herrb matthieu.herrb at
Thu Jun 10 00:11:44 PDT 2010

On Wed, Jun 09, 2010 at 01:20:41PM -0700, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> That sounds like we could almost just call it #ifdef __GNUC__ then.
> The oldest gcc version I remember us claiming to support in X.Org
> was 2.95, since that's what one of the BSD's was using (and possibly
> a previous RHEL?).  

OpenBSD still uses gcc 2.95 on some architectures: m68k, m88k, sparc
and vax. 

Among those sparc (meaning 32 bit only sparc, the 64 bit ultra
sparc machines are supported by the sparc64 port, which switched to
gcc 4.2.1) really matters, because there is a working X server
on it, even if it's not that useful (only 8 bit frame buffers are
Matthieu Herrb

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