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Sat Jun 12 04:19:33 PDT 2010

into an accel context (i.e. call ProcessVelocityData2D), as well as
keeping a sum yourself.

If PVD2D returns true, reset your sum to 0 and don't emit anything.
If PVD2D returns false AND abs(sum) > your_threshold (say 1 or 2), you
start emitting scrolling events until PVD2D gives you true again.

True means a lot of time has passed since the last call, by default 200 ms.

> As I have already mentioned, the change in GTK seems much more complicated 
> than in Qt4. Qt has a really nice cross-platform "QScrollEvent" which has a 
> delta field with defined units. All GTK (GDK really) has to offer is 
> "GdkScrollEvent" which is a counter of how many scroll button presses to 
> scroll :-(
> Max

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