[PATCH] DRI2/xserver: Don't hang in glXSwapBuffers if drawable moves between crtc's

Mario Kleiner mario.kleiner at tuebingen.mpg.de
Sun Jun 13 09:05:25 PDT 2010


This patch fixes a hang in glXSwapBuffers if a user moves
a drawable from a fast running crtc, e.g., 60 Hz to a slower
running crtc, e.g., 50 Hz, when using the new DRI2 sync & swap bits.

It should fix Bugzilla bug #28383.


I've tested this on a R600 against master. I assume the poster
of that bug report will test it as well. He has tested a previous
version of the patch.

Jesse could you review it? Would be good if this could make
it into master and 1.8.2 as well.


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