Attach touch screen to a single display

Julian Ortiz julian.ortiz at
Mon Jun 14 08:10:40 PDT 2010

After looking for a way to make a touch screen works only in its display
(with nvidia configured as different XScreens) with no luck at all, I
started to look at the input modules source. I realizes that
the proprietary elo module calls to xf86XInputSetScreen, the function name
seems promising, so I just patch the evdev module to support several screens
by configuration and to call xf86InputSetScreen in the EvdevReadInput just
before the EvdevProcessEvent.

The result seems to work but the behavior is very erratic and sometimes the
mouse/touch/keyboard get freezes and I need to restart X. And more strange,
after launch several OpenGL application the performance drops so, so much
(obviously without the patch it doesn't happen)

Is xf86InputSetScreen the best approach to handle this?

Trying to find the module responsible for the mouse switch between different
display I saw references to something called SilkenMouse, but I can't find
any documentation about what is this. Any idea?

Julian Ortiz
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