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Deen Sethanandha deenseth at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 23:56:02 PDT 2010

> but it's not very effective yet since so far only a few people have cleared
> their own patches off once accepted, so it's full of patches that are
> already
> committed and don't need to be reviewed or pushed by a maintainer still.

I am not familiar with the patch contribution process but would like to know
more about the full workflow.  How can people clear the accepted patch?  How
do patch contributors know if the patches are accepted and committed?

I will look into how patchwork change patch status.  I can try to modify the
patchwork code to automatically check if a patch was accepted and change its
status accordingly.

> It would be nice if it also noticed the patches that get attached to
> bugzilla
> reports, since people are still trained to do that from other projects,
> despite
> our dismal track record at processing patches received that way.

This is a nice feature.  Are there are lot of patches submitted to the
Bugzilla?    I understand that contributors could be confused when they
contributed to many projects.

-- Deen

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