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Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Tue Jun 15 07:18:38 PDT 2010

Deen Sethanandha wrote:
>     but it's not very effective yet since so far only a few people have
>     cleared
>     their own patches off once accepted, so it's full of patches that
>     are already
>     committed and don't need to be reviewed or pushed by a maintainer still.
> I am not familiar with the patch contribution process but would like to
> know more about the full workflow.  How can people clear the accepted
> patch?

Right now they have to login to patchwork & choose the individual patch and
mark it as accepted.   It doesn't help that people who weren't on IRC at the
right time didn't know about it.

> How do patch contributors know if the patches are accepted
> and committed?  

Regular developers will either be subscribed to xorg-commit and see it there,
or see it show up the next time they git pull.   For people whose names I don't
recognize as regulars, I try to remember to reply with a "thanks, I pushed your
patch message" to be a bit more friendly/encouraging.

> This is a nice feature.  Are there are lot of patches submitted to the
> Bugzilla?    I understand that contributors could be confused when they
> contributed to many projects.  

The ones we've noticed enough to at least tag with the patch keyword would be:

but I'm sure there's more out there we haven't tagged.   (I don't know if we can
search bugzilla for bugs with an attachment with the patch checkbox marked,
though that's also not always set by submitters.)

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