Post-RC1 merging criteria (was Re: [PULL] cleanups)

Tiago Vignatti tiago.vignatti at
Sat Jun 19 03:54:07 PDT 2010


On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 11:32:10PM +0200, ext Keith Packard wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Jun 2010 10:44:38 -0700, Jamey Sharp <jamey at> wrote:
> > These cleanups and warning fixes have been reviewed and don't, as far as
> > I can tell, affect API or ABI. Can they be merged to master?
> I don't know. We're past RC1 and are supposed to be working on
> regressions and other bug fixing.
> What do others think about merging reviewed minor cleanups that don't
> affect API or ABI at this point? Is it OK? Should we pend these until
> the 1.10 merge window opens?

Does it make sense to branch now 1.9 and work on bugs only there then? I
understand that would duplicate the effort of the RM, but on the other hand we
could still dropping code on master. Honestly, I don't have a strong

For 1.10 I'd like to discuss again the schedule time. Two months for
bugfixing and more 20 days until the release data sounds like we're inhibiting
a more rapid development. It's too much time. Or maybe we have to teach
ourselves to relax for while? :)



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