[ANNOUNCE] mtdev 1.0.1 released

Henrik Rydberg rydberg at bitmath.org
Tue Jun 22 04:46:37 PDT 2010

Announcement: mtdev v1.0.1 released

mtdev - Multitouch Protocol Translation Library (MIT license)

The mtdev library is a kernel input event stream translator, which
greatly simplifies multitouch handling in applications. The input
events are simply routed through mtdev, which transforms them to a
uniform stream of MT slot events. Software finger tracking is
performed when needed, making all devices appear as if they had
tracking capabilities. For further details and the source git tree,


The bulk of mtdev has been around since 2008, as part of the
Multitouch X Driver project (http://bitmath.org/code/multitouch/). By
releasing mtdev as a stand-alone package under the free MIT (X11)
license, we hope to simplify the adoption of the MT event protocol in

Henrik Rydberg

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