About ExaOffscreenDefragment in Geode LX platform Rotate operation

Cui, Hunk Hunk.Cui at amd.com
Wed Jun 23 19:00:51 PDT 2010

Hi, Maarten,

	Thanks for your suggestion, I will go on to research and consider the memorySize.

Hunk Cui

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2010/6/22 Cui, Hunk <Hunk.Cui at amd.com>:
> Hi, Maarten,
>        Please see below:
>>> 1). Can you explain ExaOffscreenDefragment -> prev->offset? When do the rotate operation, where is triggered this function and what is the prev->offset value?
>>I think ExaOffscreenDefragment is triggered from the block handler
> (but i didn't check).
>>> 2). Now I add the memorySize length(+1) when lx_crtc_shadow_allocate, after rotate normal, subtract the former memorySize length(-1) when lx_crtc_shadow_destroy. I have been used this methods to test the Geode LX platform for two days, It can properly rotate in Xserver 1.8 and 1.7.      Because I have some confuse on memorysize, so I want to ask you whether this approach is correct. I can not explain too specific. Can you explain it?
>>Don't change memorySize (it should include the size you previously
> subtracted for rotatedData), do exaOffscreenAlloc at the beginning if
> you want to be 100% sure there is space. But i think only the
> frontbuffer is fixed memory, the rest will be kicked out if needed.
> [Cui, Hunk] May be you mistake my meant, I don't change the memorySize after call InitOffscreen function, I have been subtracted for rotatedData and video overlays in InitOffscreen. In our Geode-driver, in order to avoid using xorg.conf as much as possible, Jordan Crouse make assumptions about what a "default" memory map would look like. Default driver should assume the user will want to use rotation and video overlays, and EXA will get whatever is leftover.
>        When do the Rotate operation, because memorySize is rotate_mem->offset, and memorySize address begin from 0 (not 1? right or wrong), so I think the memorySize should add 1 at this time, after screen return to normal, it will trigger the lx_crtc_shadow_destroy, I will subtract the memorySize (-1), that it never improve the normal memorySize operation. And so on, it is not improve the EXA offscreen space.
>        This is my consideration, Do you think reasonable?

If the only change you propose is to increase memorySize by 1, then
that is a hack, which ofcource i'm not happy with. But i have to say
it's difficult to understand what you write sometimes.

> Thanks,
> Hunk Cui

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