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     Glad to talk with you! I have a question to bother you about X server
abort. My X server's version is "xorg-server-1.8.1" on May 11st. However, if
using the latest X server version, the problem still remain the same.

          When I run the XLIB tests like "cpypln", it will call the
"ExaCheckCopyPlane" in exa_unaccel.c. The X server reports " FinishAccess
called without PrepareAccess for pixmap" in exaFinishAccess. I found it the
"exaPrepareAccess(&pPixmap->drawable, EXA_PREPARE_AUX_DEST) "in
exaCreatePixmap_driver  won't be executed at all. The judged condition "if
(pExaScr->fallback_counter)" can't be met.

         The problem may occur in the EXA modules. While creating Pixmaps,
it doesn't know the pixmap will be applied in exa_accel.c or exa_unaccel.c.
Therefore the "if (pExaScr->fallback_counter)"  doesn't make sense.
          While "cpypln" destroys the pixmaps, it will do exaFinishAccess as
the "fallback_counter == 1". It lacks the balance of calling
exaPrepareAccess and exaFinishAccess. So the X server aborts.
          Currently I have added the code in the exaFinishAccess in order to
prevent the above issues.

            What do you think about the error? I look forward to your reply.
Thank you!

Yixin Deng
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