Review Request: X Synchronization Fences

James Jones jajones at
Mon Jun 28 17:05:33 PDT 2010

I¹ve been working on a new type of X Synchronization Object for a while.
The basic idea is to provide an object that behaves like the existing X
Synchronization counters with the following exceptions:

* Operations that modify the state of fence sync objects are performed
relative to rendering operations on a specified X screen.

* Fence sync objects have binary state.  They are either ³triggered² or ³not
triggered².  Only the triggered state may be waited for asynchronously.
This greatly simplifies mapping the object¹s state to HW primitives and
synchronization objects available in other APIs, e.g., OpenGL Sync Objects.

For those of you who were at the developers conference in 2009, Aaron
Plattner gave a presentation describing the usefulness of these objects.  To
summarize, they can be used to synchronize X rendering with direct rendering
X clients such as OpenGL and vice versa.  They are especially useful in
synchronizing GL-based composite managers¹ screen updates with X¹s

I can give more background if needed, but for now, here¹s the code:

These branches have review suggestions from Aaron Plattner merged inline.
For the original code progression, replace fence_sync with fence_sync-old.

I¹d like to get these in the next major X server release after 1.9.

I¹m also working on similar xcb updates, and a GL extension that imports X
fence sync objects into OpenGL sync objects, and I will of course update the
X synchronization and X damage documentation.  However, I wanted to get the
basic changes reviewed first.

-James Jones

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