Regarding Block and Wakeup handlers!

Siva 0xf.xor.0xf at
Thu Mar 4 12:08:15 PST 2010

I am a X newbie and trying to understand the block and wakeup handler mechanism.

I have made some modification in the DDX to directly receive data from
my application and i need to accumulate the data for 10ms period
before i send it to a kernel module through an IOCTL.

         App ------> (Data whenever available( typically ranging in
seconds) ) -------> DDX (accumulate for ~10ms period if data)
--------> IOCTL---> Kernel module
         App--------->(No Data)         DDX( Dont wake up or
accumulate) -------> No IOCTL

I dont want to do this with a timer as it will unnecessarily wake up
to check if there is data even if no data is sent. I found that block
and wakeup handler mechanism can be used for such a behavior as it
will only wakeup a system if there is any user or device activity.
I wasnt able to find any information on what block handlers will have
to do to make sure wakeup handler gets invoked 10ms later to check if
data is present.


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