Ubuntu with DisplayLink

don donnnie at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 13:52:41 PST 2010

I found your forum online, and hope that you'll be able to help. I'm a
life-long Windows user who just recently took the plunge and switched to
Ubuntu 9.1 . All is fine except that I have been unable to get my Atlona
HDPIX to work correctly with Displaylink drivers for Linux/Ubuntu 9.1.

I installed libdlo-0.1.2 and it does recognize the unit and begins to do a
self test. My extended display correctly passes the first 2 tests but then
gets stuck on the screenful of DisplayLink logos. At that point the system
locks, and I need to literally unplug everything and reboot. My only thought
is that during testing the drivers are attempting to use a screen resolution
that my 26" LCD doesn't care for.

I know I need to make changes to the settings in my XORG.CONF file but not
sure what to do. I'm using a 2.7 mhz system with 8GB of RAM. What would you
recommend I do?

Don DiMuccio
Cranston, RI
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