[PATCH] xkeyboard-config: updated geometry description of model "pc105"

Jakob Kummerow jakob.kummerow at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 7 14:09:00 PST 2010

> Mostly depends on language of keyboard.

Yes, obviously.

> It makes sense to create separate keyboard layout.
> Some of such keyboards have backslash to the left of Backspace button,
> which is is square, not rectangular in this situation.

OK, I counted the layouts depicted in the Wikipedia article I linked
to in my first mail.
"regular" 105 keys, fitting my patch: 26 layouts
105 keys with single-row Return key, fitting the geometry description
currently in xkeyboard-config: 2 layouts (Dutch and Tibetan)
105 keys with BKSL left of Backspace: 0 layouts

For completeness' sake:
104 keys, "US style": 8 layouts
104 keys, BKSL left of Backspace: 6 layouts
Note that 104 key models are not affected by my patch, as pc104 is a
separate model anyway.

(For details, see http://pastebin.ca/1827712 .)

I'm fully aware that Wikipedia's list of layouts is probably neither
complete nor completely accurate; but since I don't have a collection
of international keyboards in my basement and don't know any more
complete or more accurate listing, it's the best source of data I have
26 to 2 is what I consider a large enough majority to change the
default geometry description.


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